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Protect important Unix directories

Here is another way to protect your important Unix directories form the havoc of the 'rm *' command.

All of us know that 'rm' is a critical command -- more for the system administrators. One can alias this command...

as 'rm -i', which makes file removing interactive. But this may not be true on all the systems where you work. Here is another way to protect your important directories form the havoc of the 'rm *' command. 'cd' to that directory and create a file '-i' For example:

$ cd imp_files ( like cd /etc )
$ > -i

When you give command:
$ rm *

it is interpreted as:

$ rm -i file1 file2 ... and so on as collecting sequence says that '-' preceeds alphabets.

I hope all Unix users find this useful.

$ cd imp_directory
$ > -i
This was last published in December 2002

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