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  • Three considerations when purchasing enterprise MDM

    Before purchasing a mobile device management system, it is critical to know which evaluation criteria your specific organization should look for to find the product that best suits its business nee...

  • Who's who in the MDM market

    When purchasing a mobile device management product or service, it's critical to find the MDM vendor that best aligns with your business goals and needs. This comprehensive list of MDM vendors aims ...

  • Questions to ask to help evaluate MDM vendors and products

    With so many mobile device management vendors and products in the marketplace, choosing one to use in your enterprise can be a challenge. Check out these 13 vendor questions that will help make the...

  • Windows command-line tools for the today's enterprises

    It's a fact of life: Windows systems get hacked. In this tip, expert Nick Lewis discusses multiple Windows command-line tools to help enterprises discover if their system has been compromised.

  • MDM evaluation: Platforms, deployment options

    No two enterprises are alike, and no mobile device management product is one-size-fits-all. Learn about two different MDM considerations you need to keep in mind during the evaluation process: plat...

  • Beat the BYOD blues with MDM

    Bring your own device has a number of inherent security challenges. Expert Lisa Phifer explains how a mobile device management product can help your enterprise conquer BYOD risks.

  • Four principles to finding an ideal enterprise MDM strategy

    Evaluating products and services to find the best mobile device management product not only fulfills business needs but also spends a budget wisely. Expert Lisa Phifer offers four principles to con...

  • Using Windows 8.1 to secure enterprise BYOD access

    Ensuring BYOD access in an enterprise environment can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to balancing security with employee satisfaction. Learn about different Windows 8.1 features tha...

  • Continuous monitoring program: What to monitor

    Organizations pursue various approaches to continuous monitoring, but the first question is always what to monitor.

  • How to prepare for the PCI DSS 3.0 compliance deadline

    The deadline to meet the PCI DSS 3.0 changes for mandatory compliance is right around the corner. Expert Mike Chapple explains what the changes are and how to prepare for them.

  • Solving password problems with complexity, unpredictability

    In the wake of the iCloud celebrity photo hack, expert Keith Palmgren offers advice on how to build more effective passwords and avoid easy data breaches.

  • Using NAC for advanced attack detection

    In his 'Security that Works' column, Eric Cole of the SANS Institute covers how often-underutilized NAC technology can be employed in a new way: as part of a continuous monitoring effort to suppor...

  • Can VDI solve enterprise BYOD blues?

    Employees want to use their own mobile devices at work. Enterprises need to ensure the safety of their corporate data. Can VDI solve BYOD security issues? Expert Michael Cobb discusses why VDI may ...

  • Three benefits of a next-gen firewall

    Security expert Diana Kelley outlines three major benefits of next-generation firewalls: their ability to thwart unknown attacks, to make decisions using identity awareness and to ensure secure acc...

  • Ready to buy a next-gen firewall?

    View expert advice on seven final factors to take into account before making a next-gen firewall purchase, from vendor support options and ongoing costs to integration capabilities and community su...

  • Does your organization need a next-generation firewall?

    Marketing hype calls next-generation firewalls a must-have enterprise security tool, but the truth is, not every organization needs one. Get help evaluating your enterprise NGFW needs.

  • Top questions to ask potential firewall vendors

    Evaluating potential firewall vendors and choosing the one that best aligns with your enterprise's needs can be a tricky task. This tip offers 11 questions any organization should ask vendors prior...

  • How to avoid HIPAA violation penalties

    HIPAA violation fines are larger than ever, costing companies millions. Expert Mike Chapple provides three key ways for organizations to remain HIPAA compliant.

  • Safe assembly: Component reuse in the age of open source

    Developers love reusing code, whether it’s an open source library or a code snippet copied from the Internet. This expert tip looks at the best ways to secure and monitor component-driven software.

  • Reducing distributed denial-of-service attacks

    Distributed denial-of-service attacks are increasingly a menace for enterprises. Expert Michael Cobb discusses industry initiatives that can help enterprises reduce the occurrence and power of DDoS...