Information Security Tips | Page 26
  • How HTTP/2 can improve Internet security

    HTTP/2 is close to becoming a formal Internet specification -- but how will it affect enterprise Web security? Expert Michael Cobb discusses how features, including compression and encryption, may ...

  • The challenges of crisis communication management

    Developing a thorough crisis communication strategy in the event of a data breach is an important task for CISOs. Expert Mike Villegas explains what the strategy should involve.

  • Four ways to stop an accidental insider threat

    Most insider attacks to enterprises are accidental, not intentional. SANS Faculty Senior Fellow Eric Cole, Ph.D., explains why security awareness training isn't enough to stop these threats.

  • What's behind the Masque attack?

    The Masque attack is a malicious threat, yet Apple has downplayed the risk. Expert Nick Lewis explains how to keep employees from being tricked into installing malware.