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Vulnerability disclosure has long been a hot-button security issue, and Katie Moussouris is often on the front lines of the debate for Microsoft in her role as senior security strategist lead for the Microsoft Security Response Center.

Moussouris often works directly with security researchers who find vulnerabilities and bring them to Microsoft’s attention. She’s become a critical figure for Microsoft, not only in outreach and establishing working relationships with white hat and gray hat hackers, but internally helping execute on the Trustworthy Computing initiative with the development of Microsoft’s Exploitability Index and the Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP).

In this interview with TechTarget Security Media Group Editorial Director Mike Mimoso, Moussouris talks about her work at Microsoft, the company’s philosophy of coordinated vulnerability disclosure and how it views offensive security research.

They also talk about Microsoft’s vocal support of defensive security research and the BlueHat Prize, to be announced at this year’s Black Hat Briefings. Finally, Moussouris provides an update on the progress being made by the International Standards Organization (ISO) on the development of a vulnerability disclosure standard.

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