Marcus Ranum on the consequences of poor software design

Secure software development is one of the biggest concerns for enterprise security today. Unfortunately, many enterprises are continuously playing catch-up from original poor software design

In this special full-length video presentation, security luminary Marcus Ranum discusses the consequences of bad Internet architecture decisions and poor software design, and what can be done to ensure this does not happen in the future.

Editor’s note: This presentation contains some strong language. View discretion is advised.

Table of contents:

  • 3:01 - File Transfer Protocol
  • 6:22 - The basics of network sockets
  • 7:04 - How FTP works
  • 9:09 - Internet firewalls
  • 13:13 - More on sockets
  • 15:13 - Partial socket tables
  • 25:24 - The state of statelessness
  • 26:32 - Software frameworks
  • 29:06 - How load balancers work
  • 30:14 - Achieving TCP/IP protocol
  • 31:58 - Session management
  • 34:51 - Thinking ahead

About the presenter:
Marcus Ranum is Chief of Security for Tenable Security, Inc.

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