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Top tactics for endpoint security

Top tactics for endpoint security

date:Jul 24, 2009

The start- and end-points of today's enterprise networks are radically different than they were 10 years ago. IT staffs no longer have control over every endpoint connecting to the network, leading to a host of problems where access control is weak or nonexistent, and the endpoints are not properly secured.

This video will provide an overview of the endpoint security problem and offer strategies for securing endpoints and controlling their access. Attendees will learn best practices for creating a centrally managed endpoint security architecture, get insight into integrating a variety of network-access control technologies in an organization's identity management program and tips for deploying and endpoint architecture that will cover all access paths.

About the speaker:
Ben Rothke is director of security technology implementation for a large financial services company.

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  Endpoint protection introduction
  Endpoint security versus perimeter defenses
  The importance of endpoint protection
  Choosing endpoint security suites
  Emerging endpoint security technologies
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  Top tactics for endpoint security

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