Using encryption technology to achieve PCI DSS compliance objectives

Today, most consumers prefer credit and debit card transactions over cash, and payment processing statistics back that up: During peak holiday shopping periods, Visa alone processes up to 10,000 global transactions per second.

Ensuring that those transactions are secure is not so simple. Service providers that oversee the processing of credit card transaction must rely on encryption technology to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). By doing so, it ensures that data involved during these transactions is secure and protected.

In this special video presentation, SearchSecurity compliance expert Mike Chapple provides an overview of encryption technology and explains how it applies to protecting credit card transactions, as well as the infrastructure used to process these transactions. Additionally, he discusses how using encryption technology provides security and protection for e-commerce websites, wireless networks, system administration and more. Finally, Chapple explains how to implement and manage encryption keys, VPNs and digital certificates for the purpose of meeting specific PCI DSS requirements.

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