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Behind the scenes of the Meltdown and Spectre response

At Black Hat 2018, representatives from Google, Microsoft and Red Hat offered a behind-the-scenes look at the Meltdown and Spectre disclosure and response process.


OneLogin CSO on unified access management, security-first

Enterprise security veteran Justin Calmus, who describes himself as an avid hacker, joined OneLogin as the CSO earlier this year. After last year's breach, who would want this job?


Amanda Rousseau on reverse engineering malware

Amanda Rousseau, aka Malware Unicorn, discusses her time in computer forensics investigations with the DoD, as well as the joys of reverse engineering malware encryption by hand.


Amanda Rousseau talks about how hackers find their hat

Cybersecurity researcher Amanda Rousseau discusses the relationship between the infosec community and law enforcement and how to create the next generation of white hat hackers.

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Information Security Basics

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    Advances in access governance strategy and technology

    Recent advances in IAM policy, strategy and technology are raising companies' ability authenticate identities and manage access to their systems and data.

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    Top three benefits of SIEM for the enterprise

    SIEM tools enable centralized reporting, which is just one of the many SIEM benefits. Others include real-time incident response, as well as insight for compliance reporting.

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    certificate authority

    A certificate authority (CA) is a trusted entity that issues digital certificates, which are data files used to cryptographically link an entity with a public key.

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  • Information security policies, procedures and guidelines

    Behind the scenes of the Meltdown and Spectre response

    During a Black Hat 2018 session, Google, Microsoft and Red Hat offered a behind-the-scenes look at the disclosure and response effort for Meltdown and Spectre.

  • Emerging cyberattacks and threats

    2018 Pwnie winners take bows at Black Hat

    The Meltdown and Spectre research teams won big at the Pwnie Awards this year at Black Hat, while the late-entry Bitfi Wallet team overwhelmingly won for Lamest Vendor Response.

  • Web security tools and best practices

    Server-side cache poisoning demonstrated at Black Hat 2018

    PortSwigger's James Kettle doesn't believe web cache poisoning is theoretical and to prove it, he demonstrated several attacks on major websites and platforms at Black Hat 2018.