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IoT access control is critical to device, network security

Security technology is still playing catch-up with the new risks and attack vectors associated with IoT. Learn how to improve IoT access control and identity management here.


Timeline for SASE adoption moved up to now

Experts suggest enterprises should consider SASE adoption for network security as the remote workforce grows in order to reduce cost and complexity.


12 Microsoft 365 security best practices to secure the suite

Migrating to or operating cloud-based Microsoft 365 can bring with it a host of problems and misconfigurations. Check out 12 best practices to tighten Microsoft 365 security.

Security School Course Catalog

Check out SearchSecurity's catalog of free online security courses led by information security experts on today's most popular security topics.

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Information Security Basics

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    integrated risk management (IRM)

    Integrated risk management (IRM) is an approach to risk management that uses a set of practices and processes to improve an organization's security, risk tolerance profile and strategic decision-making.

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    Test your cyber-smarts with this network security quiz

    Show what you know about the topics covered in the May 2020 issue of Information Security magazine. If you get nine of 10 answers right, you'll also receive CPE credit!

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    How to use the (free) Spring Security architecture

    Like any framework, Spring Security requires writing less code to implement the desired functionality. Learn how to implement the Spring Security architecture in this book excerpt.

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  • Virtualization security issues and threats

    VMware Cloud Director flaw jeopardizes VMs

    A new vulnerability in VMware Cloud Director allowed any user to obtain control of any virtual machine on a public or private cloud, according to ethical hacking firm Citadelo.

  • Data security breaches

    Cisco servers breached through SaltStack vulnerabilities

    Threat actors exploited critical SaltStack flaws, which were disclosed and patched last month, in a Cisco product to breach several of the networking company's salt-master servers.

  • Open source security tools and software

    GitHub discovered backdoors in 26 open source projects

    Threat actors conducted an unprecedented supply chain attack by using malware known as Octopus Scanner to create backdoors in open source projects, which were uploaded to GitHub.