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Shopify discloses data breach caused by insider threats

Canadian e-commerce company Shopify disclosed a data breach involving two insider threats, but questions remain about the breach and how it was discovered.


3 key cybersecurity team positions to add in 2021

Having the right cybersecurity team in place can help reduce how long it takes to control threats. Consider adding cloud security, third-party risk and digital ethics specialists.


Cybersecurity governance: A path to cyber maturity

All organizations need cybersecurity governance programs so that every employee understands and is aware of cybersecurity mitigation efforts to reduce cyber risks.


7 ways to augment enterprise SOCs with AI

Implementing SOC automation can have far-reaching benefits for an organization's infosec program and security culture. Learn how by exploring these seven use cases of AI in SOCs.

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    SOC teams: Who they are, what they do

    Review the key players in the 2020 SOC and their specific responsibilities, as well as best practices to ensure effective teamwork for a secure organization.

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    Inside format-preserving encryption methods

    With format-preserving encryption, a ciphertext's format is the same as its plaintext's. Read up on the benefits of this cryptography method, NIST FPE methods, vendors and more.

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    Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)

    The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) is United States legislation that defines a framework of guidelines and security standards to protect government information, operations and assets.

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