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RSA, Yubico dream of a password-free future

RSA Security joined forces with Yubico to eliminate passwords within the enterprise. RSA's Jim Ducharme explains what it will take to the reach the 'last mile' of the pursuit.


Cybersecurity requirements incoming for Defense contracts

The U.S. Department of Defense has developed a five-level certification framework designed to vet the cybersecurity posture of potential contractors in an effort to avoid future risks.


How to achieve secure edge deployments

Edge devices are not necessarily designed with security in mind. Organizations need to think critically about how to approach today's edge computing security challenges.


An intro to shellcode: Types, examples, defense

Shellcode is a set of instructions that executes a command in software to take control of or exploit a compromised machine. Read up on the malware term and how to mitigate the risk.

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Information Security Basics

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    Port Scan

    A port scan is a series of messages sent by someone attempting to break into a computer to learn which computer network services -- each associated with a "well-known" port number -- the computer provides.

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    DMZ (networking)

    In computer networks, a DMZ (demilitarized zone), also sometimes known as a perimeter network or a screened subnetwork, is a physical or logical subnet that separates an internal local area network (LAN) from other untrusted networks -- usually the ...

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    quantum supremacy

    Quantum supremacy is the experimental demonstration of a quantum computer's dominance and advantage over classic computers by performing calculations that were previously impossible at unmatched speeds.

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