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Ghidra reverse-engineering release meets praise and concern

The NSA's reverse-engineering tool, Ghidra, was released to the public and despite some initial concerns experts are generally bullish on the prospects for the free software.

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What's the truth behind the fall spike in DDoS attacks?

DDoS attack patterns indicate a sharp escalation in the fall. Why does that occur and what can be done to guard against these attacks?

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Nine email security features to keep phishing at bay

Check out nine email security features that can help protect you from phishing attacks. First, make sure they're enabled on your email system configuration, and if not, start your wish list.


U.S. election security remains at risk

Fragile electronic voting systems and the weaponization of social media continue to menace U.S. election systems as presidential candidates ramp up their 2020 campaigns.

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Information Security Basics

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    payload (computing)

    In computing, a payload is the carrying capacity of a packet or other transmission data unit. The term has its roots in the military and is often associated with the capacity of executable malicious code  to do damage. Technically, the payload of a ...

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    A passphrase is a string of characters longer than the usual password (which is typically from four to 16 characters long) that is used in creating a digital signature (an encoded signature that proves to someone that it was really you who sent a ...

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    Using Mimikatz to dump Windows credentials

    In this Mimikatz tutorial, learn about the password and credential dumping program, where you can acquire it and how easy it makes it to compromise system passwords.

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