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Chris Krebs weighs in on zero trust, FBI web shell removal

Regarding the FBI action to silently remove web shells from vulnerable Exchange Servers, former CISA director Chris Krebs said he expects to see the action again if appropriate.

Gartner analysts debate ransomware payments

During Gartner's IT Symposium, analysts discussed the complex factors companies face when deciding whether or not to give into ransom demands.

5 questions to ask when creating a ransomware recovery plan

These 'five W's of ransomware' will help organizations ask the right questions when creating a ransomware-specific disaster recovery plan.

'LightBasin' hackers spent 5 years hiding on telco networks

A state-sponsored hacking group has been moving undetected on the networks of more than a dozen telecommunications providers, observing traffic and collecting data for years.

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Information Security Basics

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    script kiddie

    Script kiddie is a derogative term that computer hackers coined to refer to immature, but often just as dangerous, exploiters of internet security weaknesses.

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    In cryptography, a cipher is an algorithm for encrypting and decrypting data.

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    risk analysis

    Risk analysis is the process of identifying and analyzing potential issues that could negatively impact key business initiatives or projects.

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