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How security testing could change after COVID-19

As companies look to bring employees back into the office, security teams must consider how to handle security testing due to initial remote work deployments and shadow IT.


Guide to preventing coronavirus phishing and ransomware

Malicious actors are taking advantage of coronavirus fears to wreak havoc on cybersecurity. Check out our guide to learn about phishing and ransomware threats and how to stop them.


GitHub discovered backdoors in 26 open source projects

Threat actors conducted an unprecedented supply chain attack by using malware known as Octopus Scanner to create backdoors in open source projects, which were uploaded to GitHub.


Explore the top 3 benefits of smart cards

As smart card adoption increases, it is prudent to take a closer look at how this technology can improve data security. Here, read more about the benefits of smart cards.

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Information Security Basics

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    integrated risk management (IRM)

    Integrated risk management (IRM) is an approach to risk management that uses a set of practices and processes to improve an organization's security, risk tolerance profile and strategic decision-making.

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    Test your cyber-smarts with this network security quiz

    Show what you know about the topics covered in the May 2020 issue of Information Security magazine. If you get nine of 10 answers right, you'll also receive CPE credit!

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    How to use the (free) Spring Security architecture

    Like any framework, Spring Security requires writing less code to implement the desired functionality. Learn how to implement the Spring Security architecture in this book excerpt.

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