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Here's a sneak peek at our May issue: In this issue of Information Security expert Richard Mackey examines how automation can eliminate the errors and time-consuming nature of manual compliance processes.

The added organizational and process burdens that compliance programs require, such as documentation, audited requests and approvals, logging, and review of all the operational activities, can be a massive resource drain for an organization. Automation of these activities can help you better focus on the operational aspects of protecting regulated data.

In another article this month, Burton Group analyst Mark Diodati looks at some new options around identity management such as privileged account management, Active Directory (AD) bridge, and entitlement management.

Also, network security expert Joel Snyder of Opus One explains the capabilities and use cases for intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems, and helps clarify whether you need one--or both.

Finally, Bruce Schneier and Marcus Ranum are back for another Face-Off. This month's point-counterpoint tackles whether anyone should have an expectation of online privacy.


Easing the Burden
The weight of regulatory compliance can break the back of your IT operation; automation can lighten the load.

Identity Management for Changing Times
Identity management technology is adapting to meet enterprise needs. Learn what products can improve security and ease compliance.

Do you need an IDS or IPS, or both?
Cut through the hype and learn the differences and benefits of intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Bruce Schneier and Marcus Ranum Face-Off:
Should we have an expectation of online privacy?

The Pipe Dream of No More Free Bugs
Security researchers have declared they want vendors to compensate them for their independent search for vulnerabilities.

At Your Service
A service-oriented approach is the best way to demonstrate security's value and win support for security initiatives.

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