Logical Security: Exclusive CISSP training partner of SearchSecurity

SearchSecurity has partnered with Shon Harris and Logical Security on exclusive CISSP Essentials content.

SearchSecurity is pleased to partner with Logical Security and Shon Harris, the information security industry's leading certification preparation instructor, to create an 11-part edition of SearchSecurity's CISSP Essentials Security School featuring free, groundbreaking interactive content to help practitioners prepare for infosec's premiere certification.

CISSP Essentials Security School

SearchSecurity's CISSP Essentials Security School is a free, online training course that offers the Web's most comprehensive introduction to the material that must be learned in order to obtain the Certified Information Security Systems Professional certification. Originally created by Shon Harris in 2008, the all-new edition of CISSP Essentials has been completely revamped to offer articles, presentations and exclusive multimedia content found nowhere else on the Web.

Developed and maintained by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2, the CISSP certification confirms that an information security professional possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to succeed in the infosec field.

In addition to a college degree and four years of practical experience, candidates for the CISSP certification must pass the CISSP exam, a rigorous test that validates security professionals' knowledge in ten different domains, or key areas. Each CISSP Essentials lesson corresponds to a subject domain in the exam's Common Body of Knowledge -- the essential elements each CISSP-certified practitioner must know.

About Logical Security

Logical Security offers a wide range of consulting and training services to many commercial organizations, government agencies and financial institutions.

CISSP Self-Study Solution Set
Logical Security CISSP Solution Set
Logical Security's on-demand CISSP study course offers 40 hours of pre-recorded material to help the busy professional prepare for the CISSP exam on his or her own schedule. The CISSP Self-Study Solution Set offers more than 2,000 pages of learning materials, 24 hours of MP3 self-study audio recordings and more than 1,700 practice exam questions.

CISSP Live Online Training Course
Need a CISSP bootcamp but can't spare a week to travel across the country? Participate in Logical Security's CISSP Live Online Training Course and get the best CISSP training available without racking up the airline miles! This 40-hour bootcamp-style course is conducted entirely online featuring the same unparalleled learning materials in Logical Security's CISSP Self-Study Solution Set -- including a 2,000-page student workbook, hundreds of practice exam questions and scenario-based content reviews – and features instructor-led live online training on selected weekday and weekend schedules.  

CISSP On-Site Blended Training Course
This ultimate CISSP training program, featuring a one-of-a-kind five-day in-person CISSP bootcamp, has been personally designed by Shon Harris to be the most robust and holistic CISSP training solution in the industry. In addition to a full 40-hour live CISSP training course, participants receive proven training materials including workbooks, study questions and MP3 self-study audio recordings. Plus as a special benefit, students receive access to more than 30 hours of exclusive CISSP training videos, and a CISSP exam simulator that allows students to test their abilities in an environment modeled after the actual CISSP exam process.

Logical Security offers a variety of in-depth security certification trainings covering not only the CISSP exam, but also virtually all of the most popular security certifications from (ISC)2, ISACA, CompTIA, and the EC-Council. No other organization can provide as many hours of comprehensive multimedia training materials and hundreds of exam prep questions.

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