Special Report: How to find jobs in information security

Infosec professionals are not unilaterally immune to corporate layoffs and cost-cutting measures. Learn how to surivive and thrive in information security regardless of tough times.

The challenging global economy has had a profound effect on employment for all IT professionals, and those in the information security field are not unilaterally immune to the consequences of widespread corporate layoffs and cost-cutting measures.

For the first time, there are many information security professionals, in fact, who have fallen victim to what information security career experts Lee Kushner and Mike Murray coin a "career incident" – an event that causes a significant detour in an infosec professional's career progression, delaying or preventing the achievement of their long-term career goals.

In this special podcast in partnership with SearchSecurity.com, Kushner and Murray offer timely advice to help information security professionals get or keep their careers on track during challenging times. For more detailed information on all of the topics they discuss in this program, scroll down to learn more about their exclusive Information Security Leaders career management podcast series.

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Security careers: Surviving and thriving in tough times
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Information Security Leaders: Careers podcast series
Lee Kushner and Mike Murray, co-founders of Information Security Leaders, have also created a podcast series designed to help information security professionals understand how to recognize a potential "career incident," help prevent one, and effectively respond to unplanned and unexpected "career hacks."

The podcast series consists of six different segments – each encompassing between 45 and 60 minutes. The topics include the following:


  • Episode 1: Evaluating Your Career In a Worsening Economy
    This podcast provides a guide to evaluating your current situation and understanding how to either preserve your position or begin to prepare for an impending career incident.
  • Episode 2: The Personal Effects of A Career Incident
    Coping with a "career incident" can be mentally taxing. You will experience a series of emotions that come along with job loss. This episode will provide guidance on how to maintain a positive outlook and rebound effectively.
  • Episodes 3 and 4: The Job Search Process
    The search for new employment is individual and the tactics for finding a new position greatly depend on your personal situation. These two podcasts focus on long-term and short-term job search strategies and explain which process mostly applies to you.
  • Episode 5: Valuable Resume Tips
    Your resume must be compelling enough to get past recruitment "gate keepers." This episode will give you resume-writing techniques to help you get the interiview and make a dynamic first impression.
  • Episode 6: Effective Interview Techniques for A "Career Incident"
    You have made it to the interview. Now is your time to shine. However, professionals who are currently unemployed face many potential pitfalls in the interview process. This podcast will give you confidence and prepare you to answer the difficult questions.

About the contributors:
Lee Kushner is the President of LJ Kushner and Associates, LLC, an Executive Search firm dedicated exclusively to the Information Security industry and its professionals. For the past thirteen years, he has successfully represented Fortune 2000 companies, information security software companies, information security services organizations and large technology firms in enabling them to locate, attract, hire, and retain top level information security talent. Throughout his career, he has provided career management and career coaching to information security professionals at various stages of their professional development. He is a regular speaker and industry contributor on topics that include career planning, interview preparation, compensation, team building and employee retention.

Mike Murray is an information security professional and career coach who has held diverse positions throughout his career. He has run Information Security research teams, served in corporate Information Security functions, and has helped guide a number of information security professionals in their career. He has a passion for the industry and career development.

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