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Malicious actors are doing more with less, data privacy laws are becoming stricter with harsher penalties for compliance, and data breaches are common and catastrophically expensive.

So how can SearchSecurity.com help?

SearchSecurity.com is a trusted source for advancing your knowledge in the security industry with access to our free online information security training courses in our Security School. Our courses are led by information security experts on today's most popular security topics including cloud security, data protection, IAM, compliance and more. These lessons -- many of which feature video seminars and review quizzes eligible for CPE credits -- will arm you with the foundational and tactical information needed to keep your organization compliant and secure.

In addition, SearchSecurity.com offers a CISSP Certification Essentials Security School. Inside this school you will have access to CISSP training materials and practice exam questions to help you prep for the CISSP exam.

Join our award-winning editorial team and renowned consultants including Johna Till Johnson, CEO and founder of Nemertes Research, Nick Lewis, CISSP, Michael Cobb, CISSP-ISSAP, and more as they bring years of experience to help you overcome today’s growing security challenges.

SearchSecurity.com explores topics and best practices such as: data security and strategies, network security, information security certifications, threat detection, security audit & compliance, web security tools, wireless/mobile security, and more.

Stay ahead of the security curve and ensure the safety of your organization by activating your free SearchSecurity.com membership today and gaining access to:

  • Exclusive e-handbooks, as well as free e-zines like Information Security Magazine
  • Our network of other engaged and active IT professionals in the ITKnowledge Exchange, where you can share tips and ask questions with fellow security professionals
  • White papers and webcasts that evaluate the most relevant security trends and issues from leading vendors and industry solution providers
  • Knowledge-building materials such as our comprehensive definitions library to keep you up to date on in the ever evolving security terms

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