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Video: Understanding bots and their role in credential stuffing

Botnets can be good or bad. Malicious bots could be used to launch a variety of attacks from DDoS to web application attacks to credential stuffing. Good bots, on the other hand, may serve legitimate business functions such as search engine optimization, conversational interfaces and service aggregation. As organizations introduce more automation and APIs into their digital platforms, they need to allow good bots to function while managing the risk associated with malicious bots.  

In this talk, Akamai security strategist Siddharth Deshpande will walk you through the dark web economy for malicious bots used in Credential Stuffing attacks and discuss options for effective Bot Management. He will also explore how some commercialized bot operations masquerade as legitimate businesses and target specific online brands. By better understanding how bots work, and the motivation of bot operators, you’ll be better prepared to thwart bot operators’ fast evolving techniques without affecting user experience for legitimate customers.

Our presenter is Sid Deshpande, Director of Security Strategy for Akamai Technologies in Asia Pacific.