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Ability to find employment with a CISA

I am an IT process consultant and have several years of experience with CMM and doing process audits. My career...

has been focused on improving internal software development processes and setting up appropriate controls. Someone told me about the CISA and I was wondering if it woud be a good fit with my background. How difficult would it be to find employment once I passed the CISA exam with my background?

Indeed, it sounds like the CISA might be a good fit for somebody with your background, so long as general information systems auditing isn't outside your current purview and work experience. You must have five years of IS audit, control or security work experience (a degree makes up for one year, and you can count one year of "other IS experience" so you really MUST have three or more years of experience in one or more of those areas, provided you meet those other constraints). I can't improve on what the ISACA site says about job prospects for CISA, so here's a direct quote: "A 2001 survey of ISACA members holding the CISA certification revealed that the majority (71 percent) believe that obtaining the certification had helped advance their careers. When all ISACA members, CISA or not, were asked if they thought gaining the CISA would help their careers in the future, the positive response was even greater: 75 percent."

I hope that answers your questions. If not, please feel free to post again.

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This was last published in March 2003

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