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Advice on pursuing SCCP

I have been a network engineer for the past three years and have been in the IT field for the past five years. I am thinking about trying to certify for the SCCP. I have been installing firewalls and consulting with my clients on simple security issues. Do you think SCCP is the right goal for me?

The SCCP is one of a handful of good entry-level security certifications aimed squarely at network engineers and administrators like yourself. Especially if you intend to follow up with the ISC-squared's follow-on CISSP certification, the SCCP is a good choice. That said, you will want to obtain a good study guide (like the Shon Harris CISSP All-in-One book from Osborne/McGraw-Hill) to help yourself prepare. There's a lot more in the seven domains from the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) that the SCCP covers than a working knowledge of firewalls and simply security consulting topics. You'll need to bone up in numerous other areas as well, so self-study is mandatory. A class isn't a bad idea, either, if you can afford one.

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This was last published in August 2002

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