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Antivirus scanner not detecting Magistr

Why doesn't McAfee's virus scan detect the Magistr string?

I've found several variations to the Magistr virus/worm, thus I'll make a valid attempt at answering your question. There is the first version which is listed as simply Magistr, then version a, b, c, d, 3320 and others.

The first thing you may need to do is ensure your version of McAfee has the current signature library loaded (DAT). This can be optained from www.mcafee.com for FREE. I would suggest downloading the SuperDat file that contains both the signature DAT file and necessary updates to the McAfee antivirus application software loaded on your computer.

If you have done these steps and the McAfee antivirus application still doesn't find the virus, contact McAfee immediatlty to ensure you do not have another strain or variation of that virus/worm. Use the following link: http://www.mcafee.com/anti-virus/report_virus.asp?, which will take you to a section that will explain what to do if a virus cannot be removed.

I quote from their Web site:

"There are many reasons why an antivirus software package may [or may not] detect but not remove a virus. Depending on the characteristics of the virus, it may be necessary to exit out of Windows and run a DOS Command Line Scan. Or it may be necessary to actually remove the virus manually. The utilities available in McAfee.com's Virus Support Center have been designed to help you address various virus related issues."

So, the answer to your question could be resolved by updating your signature file and software, or you may need a special virus remover as noted on the McAfee site.

After review of your question, I would say you need to first ensure that your McAfee software is configured correctly on your computer, update your signature file and application software with the SuperDat from McAfee, then check the whole process again.

If the problem persists, contact McAfee, for they will have the best work around solution.

Viruses and worms are always changing, thus you must be flexible and consistent on updating your signature files and application software. Place your name on a distrubution list that notifies you of new viruses and correct measures.

This was last published in September 2001

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