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Antivirus training in India

I live in Bombay, India. Can you give me information on training in antivirus programming? If there no such courses...

are available, how can one learn by himself? Can you suggest any books or URL addresses/site names for this?

You are seeking training in a fairly narrow area of technical expertise. Your best bet will be to look at training offerings from major antivirus vendors, such as Symantec, Network Associations/McAffee, Sophos, Trend and so forth (use your favorite search engine to search for a more compre- hensive list of anti-virus vendors). Some of these companies and organizations offer developer programs and/or training, which will probably provide the most useful information on writing antivirus code.

For what its worth, a search on Yahoo! for "antivirus training" turned up 32 hits. Some of these look very focused and quite interesting, but may be too expensive or too far away to do you much good. (You could, however, contact the vendors, explain your situation, and see if you could gain access to their materials, and/or persuade them to come to India to teach some classes.)

I imagine that with highly-regarded computer science training centers like those operated by ITT all over India, you should be able to find local training on this subject, as well.

Also, here's some highly recommended reading on the subject:
1. The Computer Virus Handbook, by Richard Levin
2. Malicious Mobile Code: Virus Protection for Windows (O'Reilly Computer Security), by Roger A. Grimes
3. Computer viruses and antivirus warfare by Jan Hruska

See also my company's collection of security URLs. And, be sure to search for antivirus at searchSecurity, searchWin2000 and searchNetworking, as well.

This was last published in January 2002

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