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Are any security certifications available mainly for RACF?

Are any security certifications available mainly for RACF?

I assume you're asking about IBM's RACF(Resource Access Control Facility). The company's Web page on RACF doesn't address certification directly. Also a quick check at GoCertify.com and at IBM's own certification pages turns up no specific certifications devoted solely to RACF.

That said, however, using the "Search IBM training" engine on that page with "RACF" as the search string turns up lots of classes on RACF, including titles like "Implementing RACF Security for CICS," "Exploiting the OS/390 Security Server (RACF)," all kinds of RACF administration classes and numerous Redbooks (IBM's in-house publication program) on RACF topics.

But I see no direct evidence of RACF in certification coverage, even searching on RACF in the IBM "Certifications by test number" Web page, which provides brief but reasonably detailed descriptions of all its certification exams. The only exam that explicitly mentions security has to do with Tivoli Security Management, in fact. As a former Tivoli employee with friends still working at the company, I've placed a call asking if that curriculum or certification includes RACF coverage. I'll let you know if my current contention that RACF receives only passing coverage in IBM certifications is incorrect. But alas, I think not...

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This was last published in March 2004

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