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Availability of DNA and theta band printing

My question is, how ready is DNA and Thata band imprinting? I hear that these may be ready soon (2004 or 2006) to the public. I realize fingerprinting is ready, but using all three would be more secure in high profile as well as corporate applications. Across the board everyone would benefit.

I think it depends on the application. DNA is being used now in courts and freeing people right and left. But as a practical biometric that can be used in real time -- like a fingerprint to open a door? I think that's a very long way away. It also has unanswered technical questions -- where the DNA coming from, for example.

Theta waves -- I don't know. That just makes my skepticism hackles rise. I'm not in the least bit convinced it is a decent biometric, nor am I convinced that it can't be spoofed by mentally singing "It's a Small World" or something like that.

We don't have perfection down on things as simple as fingerprints, so brainwaves seem a little outre me. Take a look at this article, where some Germans manage to be able to fool fingerprint readers, iris scanners and so on. It's downright embarrassing how easy it is to fool these things. I think I'd like to see some of the simpler ones made better before we try things like brainwaves.

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This was last published in June 2002

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