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Blocking AOL software

I have a firewall and have blocked access to the site aol.com. However, I have noticed that AOL users can install...

AOL software and connect directly to it via the tcpip connection of this software, which evidently bypasses my firewall. Is there a way to block AOL software?

First off, always trip and block with an IP address, as well as DNS.

Second, look up ALL IP addresses ranges at: http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl

Third, AOL returns a huge list, so I will only include a particle list:
Move above .... of Maine FON-106796236849100 (NET-63-167-208-0-1) -
AOL Time Warner Cable of Maine FON-106796057649100 (NET-63-167-201-0-1) -
AOL Time Warner Cable of Maine FON-34900336644100 (NET-208-5-176-0-1) -
AOL Transit Data Network ATDN-ISP (NET-64-236-0-0-1) -
AOL Transit Data Network ATDN (NET-66-185-128-0-1) -
AOL IMP-ARG-AOL-DU24 (NET-64-76-9-0-1) -
AOL IMP-ARG-AOL-DU33 (NET-64-76-34-0-1) -
AOL IMP-ARG-AOL-DU34 (NET-64-76-35-0-1) -
More below.

I will let you look up and compile your own results.

Fourth, looks like the address ranges are setup for you above that you need to block. There are many, so I'll assume they own a whole bunch of addresses. You will need to take a close look and consolidate as necessary.

Fifth, large Internet companies such as AOL will always have this many addresses, but others will not. I always recommend you use the method above only because it will SHOW all address, thus you will not round the corner one day and still see employees on AOL.

Good luck... this is always fun. Oh yeah, also never trust the word from someone on the number of IP addresses and ranges. You never know just how old that information may be.

There are other resources and tools on the Internet that do the same lookup. I prefer this method.

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