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Can DHCP management tools be used to manage user account permissions?

Learn more about whether using DHCP management tools is an effective way to manage user account permissions, and what other options might be, in this expert response from Randall Gamby.

Can a DHCP manager manage user permissions across a network?

Unfortunately I'd have to say no. DHCP management tools really were created for server management on a network. While such tools can manage user system permissions, they were never intented as a policy enforcement point for user access; identity management services like a Web access manager (WAM) and federation protocols like SAML are the technologies I'd stear you toward.

WAMs manage real-time access to applications and services in a local security domain, and federations manage real-time access to applications and services in a remote security domain. Even if you somehow were able to use DHCP to manage user account permissions, it's probably not the best use of this technology.

This was last published in July 2010

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