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Can reviewing credential dumps protect identity information?

Reviewing credential dumps could potentially save identity information from being stolen and used in a data breach. Expert Randall Gamby explains why it's worth the extra work.

I've seen some experts advise taking the time to review credential dumps following high-profile incidents to see if users/usernames or corporate email addresses are included. What's your take? On one hand, it seems like a lot of work, yet on the other hand, I know attackers often use stolen credentials from one source to perpetrate targeted attacks against a user's other accounts.

This is actually a simple answer. As the custodian of your workers' and/or customers' identities, you are responsible to do everything in your power to ensure you are adequately protecting their information.

Unfortunately large numbers of incidents of breached user information are occurring on a regular basis. And when these breaches occur, the breached organizations are generally unaware that identity information was stolen until a third-party investigator, or consumer who's had his identity information used in an unauthorized manner, approaches the company about the possibility of the leaked information. If an identity dump is made available, and a cursory search identifies information that may be related to the organization's identity files, then yes, prioritize a work team to do a deep dive on the information looking for stolen information regardless of how much work it may take.

Be aware the dump may actually be an attempt by a malcontent to inject malware in an unwitting organization by infecting the dump file. Ensure analyzing such a file happens on a well-protected system, preferably not on your enterprise network, and consider potentially wiping it upon completion of the analysis. Better safe than sorry.

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This was last published in June 2015

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