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Certification plan for CCNA

I just passed the CCNA and am interested in security. Can you tell me which area of security is fast growing and has a good 10-year life ahead? Which course/certification should I pursue for that area? Will the CISSP be worthy for the next 10 years?

The CISSP remains the most popular and respected of all security certs at present, but I'm not sure anything current has a 10-year life ahead of it. I'd suggest the following sequence of certifications for you to consider:

1. TICSA, SANS GSEC, or Security+ (if you want to wait until year's end to get started)

2. SANS GIAC (with the specialty of your choice) or CISSP, once you get the three years of experience requirement covered

3. For long term development think about CISA, CPP, SANS GIAC Security Engineer or a Cisco Qualified Specialist in Security

This should keep you busy for some time to come. For pointers to specifics, see my recent SearchSecurity articles on vendor-neutral and vendor-specific certifications.

Good luck with your future certification efforts.

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This was last published in August 2002

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