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Clarification on motion mining and facial coding

One of your Q&As a user asked if there would be a leading tool in biometrics. In your answer you mentioned that...

biometrics is a broad term encompassing many areas. When looking into this topic I have been running into terms like motion mining and facial coding. Where do they fit within biometrics?

Motion mining isn't quite biometrics, at least what I know about it. Motion mining is looking at video of a person or a group of people and inferring things about this. It could be anything from how to teach them a better golf swing, to better physical therapy, all the way to inferring what an army is doing by where it's marching.

Facial coding is using video of people's faces to infer things about them -- like whether they want a cigarette, whether they are in pain or so on.

Colloquially, we think of a biometric as a way to identify a specific person based upon some physical or biological characteristic. Hence fingerprints, voice prints, iris scanning, DNA matching and so on. Neither facial coding nor motion mining are precisely biometrics the way we in the security biz use the term, but I can see how you'd think of them that way. You wouldn't use either of them to know whether someone was allowed to walk through a door, for example, at least not the way I know of them being used.

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This was last published in September 2002

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