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Combating phishing scams

In this Information Security Threats Ask the Expert Q&A, Ed Skoudis reviews what to do if you've been phished and identifies the phishing coalitions that can help combat this email threat

I received an email scam asking me to help someone move 4.5 million dollars from a foreign country promising to give me 18% of said money. I'm worried someone will fall for this. Where can I report this scam before someone gets burned?
These emails are unfortunately quite numerous today. If you are particularly worried about them and want to take down the mail servers and Web sites responsible for them, you can report them to the Anti-Phishing Working Group. Alternatively, you can forward phishing emails to the US CERT. Both organizations work to get blatant phishing sites taken off line, and compile statistics about the scourge of phishing.

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This was last published in August 2006

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