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Did I install my patches correctly?

I am a security administrator for a firm based in South East Asia. My company has about 700 machines on Microsoft 2000 Active Directory. I am using remote patch deployment software to install security patches. All the latest patches as well as Windows Service Pack 4 have been applied, but our machines continue to be compromised by the RPC vulnerability.

Can it be possible that some patches aren't working or aren't activated in the registry using the new values modified by the patches?
Many of the Microsoft patches need to be applied in a particular order. If they have been applied out of order, they can cause some of the patches not to be effective. There are warnings on many of the knowledge base articles that describe the patches. You need to visit the Microsoft Knowledgebase and see if there is a preferred order for applying the patches. They also have a tool called HFNetChk that can help you determine which patches need to be re-applied.

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  • This was last published in May 2004

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