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Do I have enough infosec experience for the CISSP cert exam?

Currently, I am studying for the CISSP certification exam. I have more than six years experience in the security information field, but it is not contiguous. I still believe that I meet the qualifications for CISSP (once I pass the exam). Is this correct?
The ISC2 doesn't care if your experience is contiguous or broken into discontinuous chunks of time as long as you meet their requirements that it be strongly related to one or more of the domains in the CBK (common body of knowledge). If in doubt, you can always e-mail them with a description of your experience and ask for a ruling. (I've always found them to be response to such inquiries.) But I do believe you shouldn't have any problems unless they care to dispute the relevance of your experience.
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  • This was last published in April 2004

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