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Does a two-year degree carry the same weight as a four-year degree?

I have experience with networking in a LAN environment as well as some experience with security. I was wondering if a two-year degree is worth having versus a four-year degree as far as infosec is concerned. I am A+ and Net+ certified, and currently working on becoming Security+ certified. How does the infosec world view two-year degrees (along with experience)?

Let's cut to the chase on the two- versus four-year degree question and look at your answer to this question: "How much experience?" If you've got at least two more years of experience as compared to a person with a four-year degree that might be enough to put you on an equal footing -- provided, of course, you could convince the interviewer that your knowledge base and skills were otherwise the same.

For highly technical fields in computing -- and infosec certainly qualifies -- you'll find that employers do tend to put more emphasis on advanced degrees. Thus a bachelor's is worth more than an associate's, and a master's trumps either (while those with infosec doctorates can usually pick and choose among a number of positions). If you can afford the extra time and effort, the four-year degree will probably be more valuable on the job market.

Visit the NSA Web site under the heading "National Centers of Excellence in Information Assurance" to see a list of 50 college names whose infosec programs are recognized as the cream of the crop. Those are probably the best bets when looking for a good source for an infosec degree (and since they qualify for government money for scholarships and fellowships, you might even be able to partake of some of this largesse).

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This was last published in March 2004

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