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Encrypting Web-based e-mail

We are trying to find a way to send encrypted e-mail from a client of ours to about 200 or so recipient companies that they work with. These recipient companies are construction contractors, possibly working out of their homes and, therefore, are using anything from Hotmail to Yahoo to Outlook and Outlook Express. Is there any way to use Digital IDs and certificates with Web-based e-mail?

As background, the files to be sent to these contractors are PDF files created on an AS/400. Exchange will be used to send the files. Subsequently, the contractors will be sending back files that would need to be encrypted as well.

Thanks you for your time.

At the risk of sounding like I'm in marketing, you should look at PGP. (Full disclosure -- I'm CTO and founder of PGP Corporation.)

PGP would work best with Outlook or Outlook Express, but it will also work with Webmail, albeit with more work for your users. PGP can encrypt files, messages, attachments and so on. It also includes disk encryption.

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This was last published in December 2002

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