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Files to block for Exchange Server

What file types should we be blocking on the virus scanner for Exchange Server, to minimize the possible threats that are attached on incoming mail?
Blocking file types is not always the answer. For example, if you block all *.exe, *.DLL, *.VB, *.VB?, *.DOC, *.XLS and others, you may be protected, but you won't be able to do business or use e-mail at all.

Instead, I offer the solution of placement of a mail/SMTP scanning product at a stratgic point in your network infrustruture. All mail should/would be scanned by this device prior to entrance into the network, thereby correcting and removing all viruses.

If you are having a problem where employees are using HTML e-mail, try using a proxy server (or some other similair product) to control the Web pages that can be visited. It is not uncommon for hotmail.com, juno.com and other e-mail HTML sites to be limited or not allowed at all for use within a company.

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This was last published in December 2001

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