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Finding an employer who hires security professionals

I am an MCSE with eight years in the computer field. I want to move over to the security side. I have taken some of your advice to heart and will be taking the CIW next month. I plan to take the SSCP end of summer 2003. The big question for me is, how do I find an employer who hires security professionals? Are there consulting companies that do just that? My eventual goal is to become a security consultant. So I want to make the best decisions towards that goal.

When looking for security work, you are luckier than most in that such jobs pay well enough to attract interest from headhunters and placement firms, even in current sluggish economic conditions. This means you can probably contact -- and get help from -- local and regional placement firms, as well as national or international firms like Robert Half (half.com), Management Recruiters International (mri.com) and so forth.

There's enough demand that you will also find security positions advertised and posted online. You should also work through whatever organizations sponsor your certifications -- in this case, the ISC-squared (www.isc2.org) -- may be able to help with placement resources and information as well (the CIW program is kinda dicey right now, because the parent company is on the ropes financially -- you might want to consider going after Security+ from CompTIA instead).

Also, you can find mailing lists that deal with security positions. For example the ISSA-South Florida chapter has a mailing list at issa-southflorida@yahoogroups.com that deals with positions in that part of the country. Other regional lists may be available to you depending on where you live.

Rest assured that you will be pretty well-equipped to find work once you get your credentials finished, especially if you can claim at least "part-time security experience" based on your current job roles and responsibilities.

Good luck pursuing your chosen technical specialty.

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This was last published in January 2003

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