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Finding detailed virus definitions

I am currently examining a computer, which has been infected by the Trojan horse backdoor.litmus. (I am a forensic computer examiner.) This file was in a folder called img32b and was named image32.exe. I am trying to ascertain precisely what this virus is capable of, because I may need to explain it to a court. All I seem to be able to locate are generic descriptions, which potentially describe all Trojan horse viruses. Can you recommend a good resource for virus definitions?

First of all, I would suggest that anyone looking for info on specific viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other malware consult various vendor sites. I have about 15 of them bookmarked for when I need to find something.

In this case, I asked my friends over in AVI-EWS about this critter and got a number of replies. Amongst them, was the fact that this Trojan horse exists in numerous variants. Here is one of those descriptions.

In the case of virus forensics, I'd suggest that you check in with a virus specialist, either at a vendor or via AVIEN.

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  • This was last published in October 2003

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