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Fingerprint recognition chips and algorithm bio-id software

What is the relationship between fingerprint recognition chips and algorithm bio-id software?

I wasn't certain, so I asked Karl Ware, founder and CTO of BioNetrix. Karl wrote:

Each of the chip and optical fingerprint scanner manufacturers develop their own proprietary algorithms for the conversion of a fingerprint image to a template. The templates are anywhere from 75 to 300 bytes in size.

The algorithms cannot typically be shared between vendors because they are usually optimized for the characteristics of the the physical scanners. They do not interoprate at the device level. BioNetrix makes them interoperate at the system level by having a user enroll on each device used in a given environment.

The last thing to consider (since i do not have a context for the question) is the matching algorithm. In order to match a live template to a stored template, each of the vendors uses a proprietary algorithm (which is different from the conversion algorithm).

The BioAPI and BAPI groups are attempting to standardize the algorithms for these environments... No manufacturers want to even try to comply with this.

This was last published in May 2001

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