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Firewall solutions

Has the Gauntlet firewall suffered since its acquisition by Network Associates, Inc.? Has it lost market share? Is it still a viable product?

We are a company of 500 users, with a T-1 connection with Genuity. We use e-mail, http, ftp, VPN and support a Web site on our bastion network. What firewall solutions would you recommend? Thank you.

Gauntlet seems to have suffered in that it has lost market share, but in no other way that I can see. Gauntlet is fine for what you mention (with filtering rather than proxying for Web server access from the outside, if performance is the #1 priority). Any of the major firewalls are fine given no other information. I'd always pick Gauntlet or Raptor over Firewall-1 or Pix, for security reasons.

This was last published in April 2001

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