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Has your opinion changed regarding the Certification in Homeland Security?

I read your article about the CHS (Certification in Homeland Security) offered through the ACFEI. Have you come to any new conclusions regarding the benefits of this certification? I also qualify for Level 3 and would like to obtain the immediate certification if it is worthwhile and recognized in the industry.

I've seen or learned nothing to change my mind about the credential since the last time I wrote about it. Although the organization is large and reasonably well-known, and they do boast a sizable qualified/credentialed population, I still see no strong evidence that employers are actively seeking people with the CHS credential. If you search on any of the major job posting sites, or look at jobs posted through infosec organizations like the ISSA (www.issa.org), you won't find it anywhere. Same for job ads in major newspapers and trade rags (like ComputerWorld's normally beefy job ad section).

I could be wrong, but this tells me that no substantial following has developed for this credential. It's not hideously expensive, either, so you might still decide to get it anyway as a way of boosting your infosec credibility. That said, you could probably get a CISSP for at or near the same expense, and it IS widely recognized and perceived as worthwhile in the industry.

This was last published in April 2004

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