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How IP addresses are obtained

I work at a college where we routinely get e-mail from third party vendors -- hired by the music industry -- telling...

us that someone (identified by an IP address they provide us) is sharing copyrighted music through a peer-to-peer service. We deal with each of these. My question is: How does the company get the IP address of the individual that initially uses a service like KaZaA, Morpheus or one of the others?

This is sometimes done with and without a subpoena through law enforcement agencies. Since this is both an FBI and postal issue (USPS does many Internet services), I would direct your questions to your local FBI agent and Postal Inspector. They should be able to walk you through the process or provide better focus.

In the past when I did consultant work, I was required to do the same but with MS, AOL and others. We did it all through subpoena. Per the Patriot Act you may not need a subpoena based on the damage and proof you can provide. Again, this is law enforcement and should be handled as such.

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This was last published in February 2003

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