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How to maintain job satisfaction in a down economy

My career path with my current employer has been great. In four years I have had six different positions, but in...

the last year I have stalled in my accomplishments. How do I keep motivated now that the giving is no longer there? I obtain joy in being given new challenges and excelling in what ever I do, and now I don't see anything different in my professional life any time soon.

It's not unusual for perceptible career growth to stall during an economic slowdown or a recession -- as we're all currently struggling through right now. While your employer may no longer be able to offer you the same variety of positions or opportunities to advance, take some comfort in having a job and in remaining gainfully employed. If you're in search of career challenges and growth, you can provide them for yourself for a while by tackling new subject matter, pursuing a certification, returning to school, or posing yourself some kind of other personal challenge that will provide you with continued opportunities to learn and grow on the job.

Sooner or later, the economy will pick back up and new opportunities will then become more prevalent. By preparing now for such opportunities to come, you will be even better positioned to take advantage of them when they arrive.

Good luck in your career development planning and execution.

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This was last published in October 2002

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