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How to manually open network ports

In this network security Ask the Expert Q&A, Michael Gregg discusses how to manually re-open network ports that were closed by system administrators.

Some of the ports (such as 25, 110 and security ports for banks etc. ) on my Windows 2000 PC were closed out of my control. I have no firewall now. How can I open the ports again manually?
Most organizations attempt to control what ports and applications that can be accessed or run through the organizations network and firewall. I would assume that the company blocked the ports because they did not want users running those particular applications. Ports such as 25 and 110 are used for SMTP and POP3. Before attempting to manually open those ports, I would suggest you speak with the administrator to verify you will not be violating your AUP ( Acceptable Use Policy) if you attempt to open them. If allowed, you can attempt to run the service on an alternate port or use services such as yahoo mail, hotmail, or hushmail if you have access to the Web.
This was last published in February 2006

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