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How to pursue a career in application security

I was working on designing and implementing application security for the past year, most of the time based on Kerberos Authentication protocol. I am no longer on the project, and I want to continue in security domain. What steps should I take to be in the application security domain and which is the best area to become an expert? Also, can you please tell me is there any certifications available for better understanding and pay?

Aside from developer certifications that include coverage of security topics and passing coverage in general security certifications like CISSP, Security+ and so forth (which means usually only one knowledge domain out of 7 or more such domains relates to your primary area of interest), I'm not aware of any security certifications that aim specifically at developers.

At present, this kind of knowledge is probably easiest to gain by pursuing a master's degree with a specific focus on that topic. At the same time, I would suggest that you consider obtaining Security+, CISSP and perhaps some vendor security certifications like those from Cisco, CheckPoint, RSA, IBM and so forth, to give you a market perspective on what security looks like from a more standard point of view.

Good luck in your pursuit of this entirely laudable subject matter.

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This was last published in January 2003

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