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How to remove a PGP Disk file

I've currently got two PGP Disk files configured on my PC. I only want one, but I somehow pressed the wrong buttons during implementation and got two. I cannot find instructions on how to get rid of one. I've uninstalled PGP and re-installed fresh but automatically got two PGP Disk files. How do I remove one of the two?

Delete it. If you're on Windows, drag it to the recycle bin. If you're on a Mac, drag it to the trash. Do make sure you are deleting the one you want, first.

PGP Disk files are just files like other files. PGP Disk itself is an application that mounts what we call "container disks," and the PGP Disk file is the container. If you ask for a 10MB PGP Disk, then the file created will be 10MB (with a little overhead tacked on). It's pretty straightforward. If you delete or wipe the disk file, the disk is gone.

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  • This was last published in February 2003

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