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IDS data to include in monthly report

I am planning to compile security metics for a monthly report. Included will be statistics from the IDS. My question is: What statistics do I ask the technicians who are monitoring the IDS to provide me?

You should ask them for information contained in the list below. The IDS team may have all of it, or just act as a group that feeds into another team that does the analysis.

  • Number of alerts, sorted by severity (high, medium, low) and particular probe (You should have a numerical naming structure for all probes to quickly identify where the data is coming from.)
  • Number of high alerts that have been resolved
  • List of high alerts that are still pending investigation, including priorities
  • List of known false positives
  • Planned changes to signature base to deal with false positives and new signature releases
  • Overall network diagram showing placement of IDS probes (This changes frequently, so including it in a monthly report helps you understand where you are getting data from.)

Note that "Number" just means a count. "List" indicates that we want a simple description of each issue.

Hope this helps.

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This was last published in January 2003

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