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Increasing virus protection with two AV applications

There is an ongoing debate in my company on how antivirus (AV) software should be handled. We are split on having one application to protect the server and mail (Domino) and another application to do the gateway, or to have a single product that encompasses every aspect. Also, I haven't had much luck tracking down comparisons of gateway products that filter SMTP, FTP and HTTP. Where can I get this info, and do you have any recommendations?
Most major organizations these days employ at least two antivirus products, if not three. The reason is simple -- it is not uncommon for one antivirus product to miss a few viruses, and employing several products increases the possibility that all viruses are covered due to overlapping detection.

There are not many tests done of AV products for other platforms -- a good place to look is www.av-test.org.

This was last published in November 2001

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