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Intrusion-detection solutions parallel to firewall

There are so many different intrusion-detection solutions available that I am having trouble narrowing down my choices. Can you recommend a device to go in parallel with our firewall to detect Internet attacks?
There are lots of good intrusion-detection solutions that are available, as you note. Since you already have a firewall (brand unspecified), I would contact your firewall vendor to see if they have either an integrated IDS or one that at least complements their firewall product. Hopefully they will also have a management package to help analyze the logs from both devices.

If they don't, look to some of the third-party management packages for analyzing logs, particularly those that do so in real time. After you find one that you are happy with and will support your current firewall, choose an IDS from among those supported by that package.
This was last published in November 2001

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