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Keeping unauthorized executables off the network

What is the best software on the market for removing unauthorized games and executables off of your network system?

All of the uninstaller programs do a nice job of removing any unwanted files. However, that is likely not what you were really asking about.

What you really wanted to ask was, "What software is available to detect and remove games and other unauthorized executables from my network?"

With the usual disclaimer that I do not necessarily endorse any specific products, two that I know of are:

AntiGame Plus from APREO
DiskTracy from Watchsoft

However, the most effective mechanism is to have an up-to-date policy that states what is allowed and what is not and defines what the penalties are for violating that policy. What you are looking for is a technical solution to a management problem.

Managers should be able to tell if an employee is not being as productive as usual. They should want to investigate why. Perhaps it is not slacking off, but a physical or emotional problem that needs to be dealt with.

Is playing games on a PC at work worse than reading the newspaper at your desk, or chatting on the phone for long personal calls? Either way, the employee is not doing what he's being paid for.

Therefore, the best solution is a strong policy, effective enforcement and observant managers.

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This was last published in April 2001

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