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Learn about enterprise strategy for server virtualization single sign-on

Virtualization is a technology that's taking off, but how can information security professionals know how it will interact with their existing networks and applications? In this identity and access management expert response, learn how virtualizing a server impacts enterprise single sign-on.

Our company is looking to save money by virtualizing our servers. We currently employ single sign-on (SSO) and would like to continue to. Do you have any best practices for integrating SSO systems with server virtualization?
One of the great advantages of virtualizing servers is that they should continue to function in the same way they did before they were migrated from the old hardware. This means that whatever best practices the company was adhering to for single sign-on before implementing virtualization can still be used; no special configuration planning is necessary.

I would suggest putting all the single sign-on functionality needs into a business requirement document that is specific to your company and making sure there are a robust set of tests throughout the project to ensure the servers retain all of their single sign-on capabilities. A good way to determine appropriate test criteria is to find your documentation set from the original SSO implementation by pulling your business requirements document, your technical requirements document and your SSO testing data. Review it to make sure that it still makes sense for the business and use the language and test steps from them to make sure virtualizing the servers won't have any negative effects on the business.

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This was last published in February 2009

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