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Learning path to become an infosec specialist

What is the learning path to become an information security specialist? Are there any training centers in Mala...


There are many ways to become an information security specialist. If you read over my Security Certification Landscape story, you'll find a pretty good set of pointers to various programs in this general subject area.

I'd recommend that you begin with lower-level certifications like those from Brainbench (their network and Internet security certs are great for entry-level infosec people), then consider a junior-level exam like the ProsoftTraining/Certified Internet Webmaster Security Professional Exam.

After that, you'll want to tackle one of the entry-level security certifications that best meets your needs, such as:

  • SANS GIAC Security Essentials Certification (GSEC; www.giac.org)
  • TruSecure ICSA Certification (TICSA; http://www.trusecure.com/html/secsol/icsa.shtml)
  • ISC-squared's System Security Certified Professional (SSCP; www.isc2.org)

    From there, mid-level to more senior security certifications such as:

  • ISC-squared's CISSP (wwww.isc2.orgCISA from ISACA (http://www.isaca.org/cert1.htm)
  • CPP from ASIS (http://www.asisonline.org/cppg/cpphome.html) start to make sense.

    Don't forget, either, that there are lots of vendor-specific security certs out there, too, from vendors that include Cisco, Checkpoint, Tivoli and others. See www.gocertify.com/security/ for another good overview of this landscape.

    As for offerings in Malaysia, I've mentioned so many different programs here that I can only speculate that they will be more difficult to find there and recommend further that you contact the organizations or vendors behind these various programs to get the relevant details.

    Good luck with your security certification activities.

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  • This was last published in February 2002

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