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Legal issues associated with logon banners

While trying to implement a logon banner program, I had to meet with our corporate lawyer. I repeated to him what...

many have said and what SANS actually publishes on its site:

"Failure to include a logon banner regarding acceptable use of a computer system can make it difficult to prosecute violations when they occur. Indeed, legal cases exist in which defendants have been acquitted of charges for tampering with computer systems because no explicit notice was given prohibiting unauthorized use of the computer systems involved."

Our lawyer does not believe this and wants me to provide him with actual court cases. I have been searching the Web for a couple of weeks and cannot provide him with any. Can you assist me in this?

I am not a lawyer and have no way to search for case sites. I would suggest that you should ask SANS to back up its quote.

This was last published in May 2001

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