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Logging sensitive fields across all platforms

Is there a cost effective way to log READ transactions for sensitive fields on all platforms (mainframe, midrange & distributed)?

No. There's isn't a cost-effective way to do anything on all platforms.

Unfortunately, I really have a hint at what you're trying to do. Sensitive fields of what? Databases? Files on a file system? What sort of mainframes? Midranges? Is this IBM? Unix, in any of the myriad varieties? Microsoft?

Most database systems have some form of auditing and logging. Some are better than others. Some of them run on more platforms than others. Some operating systems have better logging facilities than others. If logging and auditing is important to you, then you should find whatever system meets your needs. But no, there's no solution that works everywhere. If there were, we'd all be using it.

This was last published in May 2001

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