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Low-cost way to renew CISSP certification

Can you recommend the best low-cost way for an unemployed infosec worker with an expired CISSP to get re-certified/verify their knowledge base? I'm not aware of any way to prepare for the CISSP entirely devoid of cost. For one thing, you'll need to pay for the exam (a not inconsiderable fee). Also, you can find lots of good study materials available online, but you'll want to buy at least one study guide to help you prepare. Right now, the Shon Harris (Osborne/McGraw-Hill) book 2nd edition gets the best overall reviews and the Sybex title is also a good choice. You should definitely include Clement Dupuis' outstanding CISSP prep Web site -- -- in your arsenal as well; in addition to being an excellent source of information in its own right, it can also point you to most or all of the other good online CISSP resources as well.
CISSP All-in-One CISSP Study Guide www.cccure.org
This was last published in April 2004

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